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"The Film-Make-Her": The Documentary on the Life and Films of Lisa Azuelos

Lisa Azuelos (LOL, Comme t'y es belle, Dalida) is the subject of the new documentary by David Serero. Following his documentary on fashion designer Elie Tahari, David Serero turns his attention to filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer Lisa Azuelos. This film retraces her journey from her origins to the present day, including a masterclass by Lisa Azuelos, where she shares her secrets.

The "The Film-Make-Her" trailer is available here:

The film features a stellar cast, including François Cluzet, Michèle Laroque, Alexandra Lamy, Sveva Alviti, and Djanis Bouzyani. Notable figures such as interior decorator Sarah Poniatowski and Pathé Films president Mr. Jérôme Seydoux are also involved. American actor Amir Arison is part of the cast as well. The film is shot in both English and French.

"The Film-Make-Her" explores Lisa Azuelos' Sephardic origins and her childhood growing up between two cultures, with her French mother, Marie Laforet, and her Moroccan father, paying tribute to her daughters Carmen and Thais Alessandrin. The film also delves into Lisa Azuelos' activism, including the contribution of Diata N'Diaye. Mr. Jérôme Seydoux, President of Pathé, is also featured in the movie as he has produced several films by Lisa Azuelos.

Lisa Azuelos' films have been box office hits and have become classics in France. She is best known in the United States for LOL, starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore. In her French films, she has directed some of the biggest names in French cinema, from Sophie Marceau to François Cluzet.

"Lisa Azuelos is my mentor. She is a dazzling woman with exceptional talent, leaving her signature on the global cinematic landscape. We are discussing the film 'à la Azuelos,' a perpetual celebration of life. By delving into her life, we embark on the unique journey of this filmmaker, mother, and director who has transformed the French cinema landscape with her distinct approach, placing women at the center of her stories and bringing her experiences to the screen. The choice of the title 'The Film-Make-Her' (cinéaste) is particularly relevant," shared David Serero.

Lisa Azuelos: Born on November 6, 1965, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Lisa Azuelos is the daughter of actress Marie Laforêt and Judas Azuelos, a Moroccan businessman. Her parents separated when she was only two years old. While her mother had custody, Lisa was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland, where her father retrieved her at twelve. After completing her baccalaureate, Lisa pursued studies in management. In 1987, amidst the stock market crash, she turned her back on the business world and embarked on a career in cinema. She worked as an assistant, wrote scripts, and met her future husband, director Patrick Alessandrin, from whom she divorced after eleven years of marriage. In 1995, she co-wrote her first screenplay, Ainsi soient-ils, with him, and in 2001, she wrote the comedy 15 août on her own. Her success took off from there. In 2006, she wrote and directed Comme t'y es belle, followed by LOL in 2008, starring Sophie Marceau, which attracted over three million viewers. 2014 she directed the film Une Rencontre, again with Sophie Marceau. In 2017, after two years of dedicated work under the watchful eye of Orlando, she likely released her most ambitious film, Dalida, a biopic about the beloved singer who tragically took her own life in 1987. In 2018, she returned to dramatic comedy with My Baby, which earned her the Grand Prix at the Alpe d'Huez Festival. In 2022, she made a brief detour with Prime Video for I Love America, starring Sophie Marceau. This year, she returns to the big screen with La Chambre des Merveilles, directed by the team behind La Famille Bélier.

David Serero: Baryton and actor David Serero is an internationally renowned artist. At 42 years old, he has performed in nearly 2,500 concerts and performances across 45 countries worldwide. He has appeared in over 100 films and television series, recorded over 50 albums, and portrayed over 50 leading roles (in multiple languages) on opera, theater, and musical theater stages. He has achieved success in New York with functions such as Shylock, Cyrano, Othello, Barabas, Yiddish King Lear, Don Giovanni, Figaro, Romeo, and Nabucco, among others, and in Paris with Don Quichotte (L'Homme de La Mancha). He has also directed and produced dozens of theater productions and founded several festivals. In 2017, David Serero was included in the prestigious WHO'S WHO (American edition) for his outstanding entertainment industry accomplishments and contribution to contemporary society's well-being. In 2019, he received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and the Morocco Trophy of Culture. Royal Air Maroc named him one of Morocco's 15 most influential Moroccans. He joined the RECORDING ACADEMY - GRAMMYs, and the TELEVISION ACADEMY. In 2020, he received the UNESCO Diversity Award. In 2021, he won four BroadwayWorld Awards in New York, including Best Performer of the Decade, Best Producer of a Musical (Anne Frank, une comédie musicale), Best Producer of a Play (Roméo et Juliette, in his adaptation), and Best Opera Singer of the Year. That same year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio presented him with the New York City Certificate of Recognition for his contribution to the cultural landscape of New York, enriching the performing arts sector and inspiring diverse New Yorkers. He received the Best Arranger and Producer award at the Palm Beach International Music Awards. In 2021, David directed and produced an American documentary on fashion designer Elie Tahari, winning multiple global awards. In 2022, he created the first opera company in Morocco: the Royal Opera of Morocco. His second film, "The Film-Make-Her," focuses on filmmaker Lisa Azuelos.

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