Grammy Awards (FYC Nominations) - Best Producer of the Year, Non-Classical (2022)

Grammy Awards (FYC Nominations) - Best Musical Theater Album for "Anne Frank, a Musical" (2022)

Grammy Awards (FYC Nominations) - Best Musical Theater Album for "Scarface, The Al Capone Musical" (2022)

Grammy Awards (FYC Nominations) - Best Engineered Album for "Anne Frank, a Musical and "Scarface" (2022)

L.A. Music Video Awards - Best Cover song Award (2021)

Moscow Design Film Festival - Jury Award (2021)

Cinema of the World - Award for Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary-Host (2021)


Robinson Film Awards - Honorable Mention (2021)

TheaterOnline Live - Best Stage Performance, Best Ensemble Cast for The Merchant of Venice (2021)

Berlin Independent Film Festival - Best Director for a Documentary Award (2021)


ONED (Versailles Film Festival) - The Beyond Award (2021)

Eastern Europe Movie Awards - Best Producer Award (2021)


London International Film Festival - Honorable Mention (2021)


Athens Film Festival - Honorable Mention (2021)

Global Music Awards - Bronze Medal Award - Special Achievement (2021)

IMPACT DOCS - Award of Merit 2021 

Istanbul Film Awards - Award Winner (2021)

Music Video Clip Awards - Best Vocalist Award (2021)


Onyko Film Awards - Honorable Mention Award (2021)


Palm Beach International Music Awards - Best Arranger and Producer (2021)​

Certificate of Recognition from The City of New York for Artistic and Cultural Contributions to New York (2021)

Awarded the Certificate of Recognition by the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, for his contribution to the City's dynamic cultural landscape, enriching the vibrant performing arts sector, and uplifted and inspired diverse New Yorkers.

BroadwayWorld Opera Award for Best Opera Singer of the Year (2021)


BroadwayWorld Award for Best Performer of the decade (2020)


BroadwayWorld Award for Best Producer of a Musical of the decade (2020)


BroadwayWorld Award for Best Producer of a Play of the decade (2020)


Award for Diversity by Unesco (2020)


Award Best Director Filmed Theater for Merchant of Venice, directed by David Serero - LogCinema - Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020) 

The Morocco Day Distinguished Achievement Award (2020)


Trophy of the Culture of Morocco (2019)


Named among the fifteen most influential Moroccans worldwide by Morocco's airline Royal Air Maroc (2019)


Best Music Artist of the Year - World Music Awards, Las Vegas (2020) 

Honorary Member of the United Nations of Arts and Science (2020)


Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (2019)


Stars of the Albion Award, London (2019)

Member of the Recording Academy, Voting Member of the Grammys (2018)


Member of the Television Academy, Voting Member of the Emmys (2018)

DIAS Entrepreneur - Lifetime Achievement Award (2018)


Who's Who America (2017)


Awards for French Entrepreneurs from Abroad - Arts & Culture category by Air France - Finalist (2017)


The Dale Wasserman Foundation – Best Actor/ Singer as Don Quixote (2012)


The French Union of Master Singers – Excellent Prize (2010)


The Bizet Foundation – Encouragement Prize as Zurga from Pearls Fischer (2008)


The City of Brasov – Artist Ambassador of the City of Brasov (2006)