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Sara Dall’Olio is an Italian singer and prize winner of international voice competitions and festivals. Born in 1999, she started singing at the age of 11. In 2019, she met opera singer and producer David Serero during the Adagio Festival in Odessa, Ukraine and decided to produce her debut album.


Her first single « Caruso » has released this November 2020. Her second single is an Italian version of I Have Nothing (made famous by Whitney Houston) « Non Ho Niente » . Her debut album called « Debut » will be released early 2021, with cover songs of American and Italian standards in which Sara is able to demonstrate her unique vocal technique and voice color. All the songs are arranged, mixed and produced by David Serero. Originally planned to be recorded in New York, where David Serero’s studio is based, the instrumentals were recorded in New York, while Sara recorded her voice in Italy at the Cosascuola Recording Studio.


The first two singles « Caruso » and « Non Ho Niente » (I Have Nothing) are released on all majors platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal, Naptser and many more.


« When I first heard Sara Dall’Olio singing at the Odessa Adagio Festival by Armando Gukasyan, I was struck by her vocal power and presence. I knew that by bringing her the right style, interpretation and production will result into something you’ve never heard before, as she embodies pure classical pop Italian singing in the style of Laura Pausini, Lara Fabian and more. In ‘Caruso’, Sara shows who she is, a mature singer full of dynamism, expression, elegance and power. And trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet! ».


Sara commented her excitement « I've always been a daydreaming girl. Sometimes I was afraid that these dreams were bigger than me, unattainable. Today, still incredulous, I can say that I am proud to have realized my greatest dream: this album ».


Sara is already popular in her native Italy, and is often performing sold out concerts. She hopes her voice will come to the ears of Americans, whom she deeply loves.


Listen to Caruso:






Sara Dall’Olio is an Italian singer, born in 1999. She started singing from the age of 11 and is a Prize winner of International Competitions and Festivals. In 2014, she was a finalist of the « Junior Eurovision Song Contest », in Malta. She collaborated with musicians Luca Medri and Piero Lerede. In 2016, she won the following prizes; Music award for the best original song in Montecarlo, Music award at the « Malta International Euro Stars », First prize at « Rising Stars » in Petrich (Bulgaria), Grand Prix in « Euro Pop Music Vision » in Bucharest (Romania). In 2017, she won the Second prize at the world final of “Way to Stars” in Saint Petersburg (Russia), Grand Prix in « Rainbow in Velingrad » (Bulgaria), Grand Prix in « Angel Voice » in Belgrade (Serbia), Second prize at the « Kaunas Talent » (Lithuania). In 2018, she won the Grand Prix at the “Abanico festival” in Sofia (Bulgaria), Grand Prix of the international festival in Ohrid – Bitola (Macedonia) and more.


In November 2018 she participated in the telecast « Mezzogiorno in Famiglia » Live telecast on RAI 2 (Largest Italian TV network) and won the 3rd prize at “Euro Pop Contest Berliner Perle”.


In 2019, she won the Grand Prix at the world final “Pearl of New York” in New York, where she represented Italy. In January 2020, she won the first prize at the « Pilone d’oro » in Sicily, and was named Best Artist of 2020 by BravoEurovision. She won the nomination of Best Young Pop Singer at World Super Star Competition in Las Vegas.


In 2020, opera singer and producer David Serero produced her debut album « Debut » which includes singles « Caruso » and « Non Ho Niente » (I Have Nothing).


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