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The Napoleon and Josephine Watches, embody the elegance and style of the Imperial couple

Designed by David Serero, a French opera singer and passionate about Napoleon, this unique brand offers a fresh approach to watches, intertwining history with luxury timepieces. The iconic couple, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) and Joséphine de Beauharnais (1763-1814), perfectly epitomize the pure and refined style of "French savoir-vivre" and have left an indelible mark on the history of the French Empire. These limited-edition watches, showcasing classic French elegance and impeccable craftsmanship, will withstand the test of time and grace the wrists of elegant men, women, and couples, symbolizing love and the wealth of an incomparable style that remains unmatched.

In this debut collection, every detail of these watches has been carefully crafted to capture the spirit of the First Empire era and the legendary romance of the imperial couple.

The red strap embodies passion and power. This emblematic color was specially created as a tribute to the Napoleonic Civil Code, reflecting the historical legacy of this captivating period. It adds a touch of confidence and sophistication to your wrist, highlighting your unique style. The golden dial of the watch recalls the grandeur and splendor of the imperial era, evoking the richness and grace cherished by Napoleon and Josephine. The engraved Roman numerals on the dial add a classic and timeless touch reminiscent of the couple's love for history and ancient culture. On the Josephine watch, the time-setting button is adorned with a blue stone, reminiscent of the magnificent emerald jewels favored by Josephine.

This stone adds a touch of glamour and mystery to your watch while recalling the empress's nobility.

David Serero said, "The first two models of this iconic brand hold a special meaning for me. They mark the beginning of an exciting horological journey. But that's not all; I am currently working on models of bags and jackets for both men and women, all designed with red leather and adorned with golden details. Creating on stage or in a film resembles creating a watch or garment. We imagine, reflect, try, and test to achieve the most perfect gesture or product. My goal is clear: to prove that it is possible to be elegant at an affordable price and to wear a watch that exudes a distinctive allure. Before offering them to the public, I tested these models for two years. As a creator, I am my toughest critic. I wanted to ensure their resistance, durability, and the public's reaction, as they are the ones I want to satisfy perpetually. When I see that people regularly notice my watch, ask about the brand, and even offer to buy it on the spot, I rejoice in having achieved my goal: creating a model that evokes a positive reaction, combining lasting quality and an affordable price."

"Behind every great couple, there is always a great watch!" This motto, created by David Serero, perfectly sums up the vision of Napoleon & Josephine. The creation of this unique, durable, and prideful timepiece required over two years of work and multiple trials by David Serero.

Today, we announce the opening of the official boutique:

It offers worldwide shipping.

The Red Napoleon watch is priced at €149, and the Red Josephine watch is at €99. Both are available at the price of €199.

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