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THE SULTAN BONAPARTE, a captivating new play by Ahmed Youssef

Ahmed Youssef, a distinguished Franco-Egyptian historian, enthusiastically announces the creation of his latest theatrical piece, promising to captivate audiences with its fascinating account of Bonaparte in Egypt. It is the very first play that narrates this significant chapter in the history of France and Egypt.

Cairo, 1799. General Bonaparte embarks on a campaign in Egypt that will make him Napoleon. However, on the night of January 3rd to 4th, 1799, barely six months after Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Cairo, a few French soldiers admit to having murdered three Egyptian women under obscure circumstances.

Bonaparte finds himself torn between his desire to punish his soldiers commensurate with the crime while also confirming his policy of respecting Islam; and the pressure from his generals not to execute the soldiers so as not to incite anger within the army. He must decide swiftly to prevent rumors of partiality from circulating among the populace. Before deciding, Bonaparte summons his two most distinguished generals, Kléber and Menou. The closed-door meeting takes place at the mythical Saladin Citadel on the heights of the Egyptian capital.

Ahmed Youssef weaves a weighty dialogue between these three generals (Bonaparte, Kléber, and Menou) with opposed temperaments, conflicting aspirations, and differing perceptions of the Orient and Islam. A dialogue that, despite the sensitive matter of the murdered Muslim women, is not devoid of humor, irony, and a peculiar skill in repartee among these three Enlightenment intellectuals. Following this closed-door meeting, Bonaparte announces an unexpected decision.

Ahmed Youssef is a renowned writer and author of several seminal works on the Egyptian campaign, including "Bonaparte and Mohammed" and "Captain Bouchard, the Unknown Explorer Who Discovered the Rosetta Stone." He has also translated Bonaparte's monumental Correspondence in Egypt into Arabic. Today, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Egypt.

The play will be directed by David Serero, a versatile director and talented actor who has gained international acclaim for his captivating performances. His artistic vision and commitment to excellence promise to bring Ahmed Youssef's words and ideas to life, creating an unforgettable theatrical experience for the audience.

"Working with Ahmed Youssef on this play is a true opportunity," says David Serero. "His expertise in history and ability to weave compelling narratives are extraordinary. We are excited to introduce this powerful work to the public, which combines entertainment and education."

The play is available in bookstores and on Amazon in digital and book formats:

Media Contact: The Culture News


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