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David Serero in Bloomberg Business

DAVID SERERO stars in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, NABUCCO, and OTHELLO at the Center for Jewish History, New York, in 2016

New York, United States- Three Sephardic-themed productions -- two Shakespeare classics and a Verdi opera -- will be presented in 2016 Off-Broadway in the theater located at the Center for Jewish History (15 W. 16 St.) in New York City, starting with MERCHANT OF VENICE last January, followed by NABUCCO April 6-17 and OTHELLO June 16-30.

This trio of productions follows last year's debut of MERCHANT OF VENICE - which uniquely includes Sephardic Ladino songs incorporated into Shakespeare's text - at the Center, marking the first time the museum and their performance space, located in Chelsea, a theater production presented by the AMERICAN SEPHARDI FEDERATION.

This recent Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE production received critical acclaim from both audiences and critics:

Serero is the real stage-taker. He inhabits Shylock with a genuine Jewish sensibility and delivers the famous speech "Hath not a Jew eyes?" sincerely. However, Serero's Shylock never topples over into caricature. Serero deserves kudos for this fresh interpretation. CURTAIN UP, USA

Serero's production of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE was sold out on Opening night (..). You could hear the audience say, "WOW"! JERUSALEM POST, Israel

David Serero strikes in New York again with masterful acting as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice. A full feature is coming about this tremendously talented actor! JOELLE MAGAZINE, USA

David Serero's Shylock is passionate and vibrant. He brings sensitivity and sensibility to his Shylock. David Serero now brings his considerable talent to New York. Take it! THE JEWISH VOICE AND OPINION, USA

Understanding the fast-paced world today's audience lives in, Serero shortened the production of The Merchant of Venice and reworked some of the language to make the play more accessible. Utilizing his musical abilities, he also added music to the production and set about bringing together a cast from all different specialties. BACKSTAGE, USA

NABUCCO - Giuseppe Verdi's renowned opera about the Babylonian Jews's exile during Biblical times - will perform April 6-17; David Serero will star in the title role of Nabucco, featuring Rosa D'imperio, Stephane Malbec Senechal, Steven Fredericks, Yana Boukoff.

OTHELLO - performed in a Jewish Moroccan tradition, bringing Shakespeare's drama of race, deceit, and murder back to its origins - will run June 14-28, starring David Serero as Othello.

David Serero is the most sought-after performer known as an "actor's actor." The wide variety of roles (from Opera to Classic Theatre and Broadway Musicals to Comedy) he has played, and the quality of his work have earned him a worldwide reputation as a versatile talent.

David Serero is a Parisian-born, classically trained actor and baritone who has performed operas and pop concerts in more than 1000 concerts worldwide, including at numerous venues in NYC, and starred in over 100 Films. In addition to starring in MERCHANT OF VENICE last year at the Center for Jewish History, he has appeared in several musicals, Operas, and classical plays and performed sold-out solo concerts at the Snapple Theatre Center in Times Square. In 2012, he made his sold-out WEST END debuts at the Dominion Theatre. David completed at Wembley Stadium and the Royal College of Music in London. In Paris, he starred as Don Quixote from MAN OF LA MANCHA and Happy Mac from BEGGAR'S HOLIDAY by Duke Ellington. He recorded a duet with JERMAINE JACKSON and produced his Jazz album. He performed two concerts on Times Square for Best of France. He has recorded several albums, including a Frank Sinatra tribute album, SEPHARDI (an album of Sephardic songs), and HABANERA (a modern version of Carmen Opera with beatboxer Mythe Box). In 2016, he released ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU, an entirely composed and produced album.

The album is actually being broadcast in more than 100 radios nationwide and can be listened here:!all-my-love-is-for-you/fq5qx

David Serero's official website:

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