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Ticketing platform Passage partners with David Serero for upcoming theatrical seasons

Ticketing platform Passage partners with David Serero for upcoming theatrical seasons

“Passage” is a ticketing and payment platform for events and attractions. The all-in-one mobile box office technology allows owners and managers to control all their ticket, merchandise, and concession sales both online and at the door, all while reaching more fans.

Since 2014, Passage has completed millions of dollars in ticket and product sales for thousands of events worldwide. Passage aims to make selling shows simple for all of those involved in producing live experiences. David Serero has chosen the ticketing platform Passage to bring his following shows and content.

"We're thrilled to be working with a world-class artist like David Serero," said Passage CEO Alex Linebrink. "Our goal has always been to help artists connect directly with their fans and to make it as simple as possible. With this partnership, more fans around the globe will be able to access David's exciting performances."

Together, Passage and David Serero will offer quick access to the shows that matter, fundamental as venues start to reopen and the Livestream world, more prosperous than ever, continues to thrive.

"The recent challenges that Covid brought to the Entertainment world, especially the live performing events, are unprecedented. Live-streaming and streaming of pre-recorded performances are now part of the theatrical landscape and audience experience. I dreamed of having a ticketing platform where I could bring tickets for my upcoming U.S. theatrical productions and the ones abroad. With Passage, I'm not just limited to ticketing service for live events, but I can now bring to audiences the live streaming and pre-recorded content, or previous productions such as full theatrical shows, film features, video specials of artists from my record label, and merchandising. With Passage, I have found a long-enduring partnership and am looking forward and upward to present my next adventures to their existing audience." Said Serero.

For more information about Passage, please visit

David Serero is a critically acclaimed and awards-winner opera singer, actor, director, and producer. He has performed more than 2,500 performances in more than 45 countries, directed and produced nearly 100 theatrical productions, starred in over 100 films and TV series, recorded and produced over 100 albums, and, played more than 50 lead and title roles (in several languages) from the opera, theatre, and musical repertoire. In New York, he starred Off-Broadway in iconic roles such as Shylock, Cyrano, Othello, Barabas, Yiddish King Lear, Don Giovanni, Figaro, Romeo, Nabucco, as well as new works such as Napoleon by Kubrick, Queen Esther, Anne Frank a Musical, among others. In his native Paris, he also starred as Don Quixote (Man of La Mancha) and Happy Mac (Beggar's Holiday by Duke Ellington). He entered the prestigious Who's Who America for demonstrating outstanding achievements in the entertainment world and for the betterment of contemporary society. In 2019, he received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, the Morocco Day Distinguished Achievement Award, the Trophy of the Culture of Morocco, and was named among the fifteen most influential Moroccans worldwide by Morocco's airline Royal Air Maroc. David is a Recording Academy and Television Academy member and a voting member of both the Grammys and Emmys. In 2020, David Serero received the UNESCO Award for Diversity in Paris and became an Honorary Member of the United Nations of Arts and Science. In 2021, he won 4 BroadwayWorld Awards for Best Performer of the Decade, Best Producer of a Musical of the Decade, Best Producer of a Play of the Decade, and Best Opera Singer of the Year. He was awarded the Certificate of Recognition by the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, for his contribution to the City's dynamic cultural landscape, enriching the vibrant performing arts sector, and uplifted and inspiring diverse New Yorkers. Among his most recently produced musicals: "Scarface, The Al Capone Musical," he received the Best Arranger & Producer Award at the Palm Beach International Music Awards. As an Arranger and Producer, he has signed several international talents and released their albums on his Record Label. As a filmmaker, David Serero recently won the Best Director award at the Berlin Indie Film Festival for his feature documentary about Elie Tahari (actually touring in Film Festivals), Best Music Video at the Cairo Short Film Festival, The Rome Music Video Awards, The Hollywood Golden Age Festival, The Istanbul Film Awards, among others.


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