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Tribute to vocal coach Janine Reiss by baritone David Serero

To one of my dearest mentors Janine Reiss, one of the greatest opera vocal coach who taught Maria Callas among many legendary names, who just passed away at 99 years old. She was the last teacher of the true french operatic singing school. I used to make her laugh so much with my jokes, and she taught me many lessons that I'll always use, and she never stopped to correct and teach me with all her passion and energy. When I was a poor student in Paris, she did so much for me as I certainly could not afford her at that time. I joked with her saying: « I’ll sell my kidney to study with you if I have to! », she replied laughing « Please don’t, and come tomorrow ». I remember when I took that photo with her back in 2009, and made her laugh when I said « I’m taking that picture as a proof that I’ve studied with you, otherwise no one will believe me when they’ll hear me singing!» She cried laughing...Merci Madame Reiss pour toute votre aide. RIP #janinereiss @davidserero #davidserero #opera #operasinger #operasingers #chanteurdopera #vocalcoach #operavoice #mariacallas #operadeparis #parisopera


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