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For Your Grammy Awards Consideration: David Serero receives six nominations in 4 categories, includi

For Your Grammy Awards Consideration: David Serero received six nominations in 4 categories, including Best Musical Theater Album and Producer of the Year.

Opera singer, actor, and Producer David Serero did not stop working during the pandemic and recorded several albums through his record label. On Saturday, October 22nd, the first round of the “For Your Consideration” nominations were announced on the dashboard of the Recording Academy platform for the Grammy Awards. David Serero is nominated for the first time in the following categories:

Best Producer of the Year, Non-Classical: “Scarface, The Al Capone Musical” and "Anne Frank, a Musical.”

Best Musical Theater Album: “Scarface, The Al Capone Musical,” and “Anne Frank, a Musical.”

Best Spoken Word Album: “I, Napoleon” (One-Man-Play about Napoleon Bonaparte).

Best Engineered Album: “Scarface, The Al Capone Musical.”

Among the nominated works is Serero's new musical piece “SCARFACE, The Al Capone Musical,” which he arranged, produced, and starred as Al Capone. He took Jazz standards, arranged them in hip-hop, and took Pop standards to turn them into jazz while adding operatic and musical theater elements. The musical is set to Off-Broadway premiere in 2022. The Original Cast Album Recording includes high profiles such as Malou Beauvoir, Lisa Bouchelle, Lisa Monde, and Marcy Richardson.

“Anne Frank, a Musical," written by Jean-Pierre Hadida, which David Serero directed and produced the U.S. premiere of 2019, was a smash hit, and Serero won the 2020 BroadwayWorld Award for Best Performer and Best Producer of a Musical. Scheduled to continue in March 2020 Off-Broadway, the musical is now postponed to be re-opened in March 2022. Serero, who starred as Otto Frank, produced the Original Cast Recording with cast members of the staged performances such as Kristyn Vario, and Lisa Monde during the pandemic.

"I, Napoleon" is a one-man play about Napoleon Bonaparte, written and performed by David Serero. It tells the story of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1779-1821), returning in 2021 to tell his story to today's audiences.

These six nominations are the first For Your Consideration nominations at the Grammys for David Serero, who has been a member of the Recording Academy since 2018. "While I was filming a new movie on the other side of the world, in Madagascar, I was overwhelmed by the news. Though I'm more of a "stage guy," these nominations are giving me so much hope for more recordings to be made, especially for dramatic works. So to have my work acknowledged by the Academy, especially among important colleagues, is already a strong victory for me. God is so good!

The First round of Voting is open until November 5th, 2021. The final results will be on the 64th Grammy Awards Telecast on January 31st, 2022, live on CBS.

The Recording Academy Voting Members determine the nominees for the GRAMMY Awards.

The GRAMMY Awards remains music's highest honor because it represents the music community's collective voice. Every vote counts.

Join us to share the news about GRAMMY Voting dates and emphasize the importance of active participation in the voting process.

#GRAMMYs Voting is critically important because the power, privilege, and prestige of recognizing music's creators is in the hands of our @RecordingAcademy members. If you're a #RecordingAcademy voting member, don't forget to vote! #Vote4GRAMMYs


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