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SCARFACE The Al Capone Musical - Poster


The AL CAPONE Musical

Musical written & conceived by David Serero

The Evil Rises of AL CAPONE...

« SCARFACE, The AL CAPONE Musical » features Prohibition-era standards re-arranged in a Hip-Hop style with Jazz and Opera.


In 2014, opera singer & producer David Serero recorded the original demos of « Scarface, The Al Capone Musical.» He always believed that American gangster Al Capone, and his lavish lifestyle, could be an outstanding subject for a musical, and hence, to explore new musical colors. However, he was looking for an innovative and modern way to bring Al Capone’s life (1899-1947), the Chicago’s gangsters, the music of the Prohibition-era, the speakeasies, and how to musically illustrate the gangster style, to today’s audience and standards. When studying Al Capone, David Serero immediately referred to Hip-Hop music and Gangsta rap.


In « SCARFACE, The AL CAPONE Musical,» David Serero (starring as Capone) used Prohibition-era standards and re-arranged them in a Hip-Hop style, adding his operatic vocals, Musical Theatre, Jazz, and other influences. The story is loosely inspired by Al Capone’s life, although David Serero, who wrote the musical, took liberties and added fictional characters such as Capone’s right arm: Franky, an African-American rapper (« in the style of Notorious B.I.G »), Lolita, Minnie and more. « Gangsta rap is what Capone would be listening today, mixed with Jazz and Opera, as it reflects what Capone says: If we can reach the top, the world will give in. Hip-hop is a very theatrical art form, over the top, expressing a sort of revenge from life and dreaming of a bigger future. These are the ideal elements to express the gangster attitude of Capone » added Serero, who always loves to combine genres and styles, which established his signature over the last 20 years of performing his theatrical adaptations of classics (theater, opera, and musicals) and recordings (his discography includes nearly 50 albums).


Speakeasies are part of the sets, representing Chicago in the 1930s, with a contemporary, glamorous, elegant twist. The costumes, props, and decors are inspired by the Chicago gangster-style era (Machine Gun Kelly, Cadillac cars), including contemporary elements (sparkling diamonds, black sunglasses, leather jackets) as well as the choreography (pairing 1930s style with contemporary Hip-Hop movements).


Two singles of the musical are released this August 2020. The adapted standards are: « Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? » (opening of the musical) and « Minnie, the Moocher » which David Serero has entirely re-arranged in a Hip-Hop style, added background vocals, written additional rap lyrics, used the verses as monologues and connected the lyrics to the context of the story (i.e. « They called me ‘Al,’ it was ‘Al’ all the time ») and more. The whole Cast Album Recording is to be released before the end of 2020. 


SCARFACE, The AL CAPONE MUSICAL emphasizes the « Evil Rise of AL CAPONE » and how this iconic gangster, here portrayed as an evil villain, started by cleaning shoes on New York streets and became the most notorious gangster of all time.



AL CAPONE: Bass-Baritone (Italian style)

FRANKY: Capone’s partner. A rapper in the style of Notorious B.I.G. Age: 20s.

MAE: Capone’s wife. Soprano. Age: 20s

MINNIE: Chief of Capone’s brothel. Mezzo-soprano. Seductive woman, in the style of Beyonce, strong dancer.

LOLITA: Capone’s mistress, a strong burlesque dancer. Soprano. Age: 20s. Sings, « My heart belongs to Daddy.»

TORRIO: Al Capone’s first boss. Tenor. Age: 50s

GEORGE CLARENCE, aka "Bugs" Moran: Capone's rival. Tenor. Age: 40s.

ELIOT NESS: FBI agent. Tenor. Age: 35

Other roles are available.


The Casting process will commence in September with a first selection through recordings, all ethnicities are encouraged to apply.


David Serero is an Award-winning opera singer, actor, stage director, producer, entrepreneur, playwright, and author. He has received critical acclaim for his unique Off-Broadway adaptations of theatrical classics such as Merchant of Venice, Cyrano de Bergerac, Don Giovanni, Othello, Romeo and Juliet…as well as new materials such as Queen Esther’s dilemma, and Anne Frank, a Musical (closed due to lockdown due to the pandemic, rescheduled for Spring 2021).

Scene setting for "Brother Can You Spare a Dime": The curtain is up. We see Al Capone and his best friend Franky (African American rapper in the style of Notorious B.I.G) both shining shoes for a dime. Capone says the two verses of "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime" as a monologue. As Capone sees people standing in line for bread due to the recession, he starts to sing and dream of a bigger future. He is joined by Franky with rap lyrics. Capone and Franky are both making promises to themselves: "If we can reach the top, the world will give in".

Scene setting for "Minnie the Moocher": Al Capone became the leader of Chicago's organized crime. His empire is rising. One night, as he is celebrating in a speakeasy with all his gang, he starts to sing this song about one of his former girl named "Minnie". His gang participates by singing and dancing. At the end of the song, one of Capone's rival enters to attempt to assassinate him.

Scene setting for "Thriller" (performed by Frank Humphrey): We are at Al Capone's Club, a show is about to take place and the Emcee starts the evening with a good "oldie" (Thriller by Michael Jackson, re-arranged in a Jazz genre)

Scene setting for "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" (performed by Marcy Richardson): Lolita makes her entrance at the Capone's brothel. She is a seductive character holding Machine Gun Kelly... 

Scene setting for "You Give Love a Bad Name" (performed by Lisa Bouchelle): Franky (Al Capone's right arm, has a girlfriend named Lisa. She has a "rock attitude". She is angry at her boyfriend for not being respectful to her.  


Scarface - Brother can you spare a dime.
Minnie the Moocher - Scarface The Musica
Minnie the Moocher - Scarface.jpg
.My Heart Belongs to Daddy Scarface The
My Heart Belongs to Daddy Scarface The A

Example of additional Rap lyrics to the standards, written by David Serero:

« Brother, can you spare a dime » :

Once upon a time, I built a fortune.

Once upon a time Al made us a fortune.

We don’t have much to give but so much to forgive.

If we could reach the top, the world would give in.


Started to clean shoes but from now we will choose.

We want to wear suits, and dress up to shoot! 

If Chicago wants to party, he’ll bring the booze.

Here we can make it, and that’s our route! 


« Minnie the Moocher » :

His name is Al Capone, he’s the king of the mob.

Moved from Brooklyn to Chicago with no job.

Loves Success, and the success.

Don’t you dare to call him "Scarface".


Don’t mess with him cos’ he’s a gangsta!

Don’t mess with him or else he’ll kill ya!

He says « The world is yours » but you gotta know,

Before you’re at the top, you gotta put on the show.


We thrive to survive in this jungle.

With Prohibition we got the holy triangle:

Booze, Women and Music.

It’s the 1920s, and we own the biz


Here in the city we make our name.

If you disrespect you get the blame!

Troubles come along if you want the fame.

Chicago, will never be the same!

Brother Can You Spare a Dime - Scarface, The Al Capone Musical - David Serero 4416Artist Name
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Scarface - ThrillerArtist Name
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Crazy in Love - Scarface The Al Capone Musical - Malou BeauvoirArtist Name
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You Give Love a Bad Name - Scarface The Al Capone MusicalArtist Name
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My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Scarface The Al Capone Musical - CopyArtist Name
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MINNIE THE MOOCHER - SCARFACE The Al Capone Musical - David SereroArtist Name
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Eye of a Tiger - Scarface The Al Capone Musical - David SereroArtist Name
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PIMP - Scarface The Al Capone Musical - Lisa MondeArtist Name
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Livin on a prayer - Scarface The Al Capone MusicalArtist Name
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