"SCARFACE, the Musical" (aka CAPONE, the Musical) is a musical written and conceived by David Serero.

It tells the story of AL CAPONE featuring songs from the Prohibition era arranged with a Hip-Hop style.

The songs contains additional rap lyrics written by David Serero

The musical can be either developed as a full show (Several characters, 2 acts, sets..etc) or as a One Man Musical where Al Capone stands on stage and tells his life (Still singing the same songs as the full version, with the rapper and limited sets).

Here are two songs from the demo of SCARFACE, the Musical (aka CAPONE, the musical)

Since those are private demos, we're kindly asking you to not share it on any social platforms.

All those songs are conceived, arranged, fully performed and produced by David Serero.

Additional rap lyrics by David Serero

Scene setting: The curtain is up. We see Al Capone and his best friend Frank (African American rapper in the style of Notorious B.I.G) both shining shoes for a dime each. They both start to dream for a bigger future.

Scene setting: Al Capone has made it and became the lead of the Chicago mob. His empire is rising. One night, as he is celebrating in a speakeasy with all his gang, he starts to sing this song. His gang participates by singing and dancing.

Don't hesitate to contact David: davidsereroopera@gmail.com

© David Serero