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Album released in 2016.

Genre: POP-ROCK / Adult Contemporary 

All songs are entirely composed, performed, arranged and produced by David Serero.



In this age where the only male artists who seemingly get airplay are those who can hit Justin Bieber and The Weeknd-high notes, you might be wondering what happened to those who specialize in the lower registers. We’re happy to introduce you to one such specialist today who goes by the name David Serero. Born 35 years ago in Paris, he moved to New York to pursue a career in music and in 2004 he went to St. Petersburg in Russia to add operatic singing to his repertoire. He has since toured the world performing on thousands of stages from his native France to Romania to the US, becoming one of the most in demand opera singers of this generation. Given his busy performing schedule, it’s no surprise that Serero only got down to recording his first solo album ‘All I Care About Is Love‘ in 2013. He has since recorded several albums, the latest of which is ‘All My Love Is For You‘, released in November 2015. In this project the Parisian wore all the hats; composer, singer, arranger and producer.

The 80s flair and the well-controlled baritone in this album reminded me of the music of one David Hasselhoff, A.K.A The Hoff. And what do you know, Serero is also an actor. Not an on-screen actor though; he has performed in a variety of musical plays across the world, including a noteworthy solo debut on Broadway in December 2013. Among the roles he has taken on onstage are that of Shylock from William Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’, and those of Christopher Sly and Vincentio in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. In his last outing he took on the lead role in Giuseppe Verdi’s opera ‘Nabucco’ before a sold out theater.

Back to All My Love Is For You. 70s and 80s babies who would like a wander down memory lane will dig the nostalgic atmosphere of this pop effort. The title track in particular will evoke images of the misty screens, puffy hair and baggy jackets that typified that period in time. The mellower ‘I Want Your Love With My Love’ also captures this feeling with its lush keys. If there is one gripe a listener might have with the project is the lack of vocal variety. But don’t let that one tiny drawback take away from one of 2016’s most unique records.

An impressive feat, and something very few people can say about their music; a great achievement, and something to be immensely proud of.The album is a very eclectic and entertaining collection of love songs, with a consistently upbeat presence, feel good big beats, and David’s trademark baritone vocal keeping that signature sound throughout. And it has to be said, it’s an unmistakable sound, an entirely unique voice and style, and the whole project is well thought out; every song is perfectly suited and placed within.There is nothing that doesn’t fit, and nothing that you don’t believe. David is true to himself, his feelings, and his love of this particular style of music, with every moment that passes, and he expresses and presents this pretty flawlessly from start to finish. In terms of subject matter, the dedication and expression of love and loyalty throughout the album is extremely commendable, and something many people will respect and understand. From You Are For Me through to Make Me Believe in Love, and ending with In My Life Without You, you can easily comprehend David’s view of love and relationships, there is no uncertainty or doubt, and it makes it all very accessible for listeners.The music has a very classic feel to it, an electronic sound for the most part, but it’s very subtle, and the big band, jazz, operatic and orchestral influence and presence is clear; you can see David taking to the stage surrounded by established and skilled musicians to put on a great show. His lyrical honesty and openness adds further to the likeable presence of the songwriter and performer. He is the man with the big smile, and the even bigger voice. In addition to his skills in writing, producing, and performing musically.., .....An avid and experienced show man and all round entertainer. See for yourself..

There are several reasons for why David Serero’s opera-trained voice has an across-the-board appeal in the 21st century. The main reason is David’s unique baritone timbre. His vocals are some of the strongest in the music business. Whether its pop, rock or opera, David has found the ability to adapt his style to many different music variants. His music also has some very interesting sounds. Finally, I think David’s strength and experience as a live performer has really helped to solidify his on-going appeal.

There is of course nothing like singing songs you’ve penned the lyrics and music to and lived yourself. It comes through as emotionally real and much more believable to the listener, and that is exactly what David Serero has done here…and more. All the songs from “ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU” are 

completely written, performed, arranged and produced by David himself. Add that to the fact that there’s virtually no style of song he can’t sing with awesome pathos, and you have a winning set on almost every level. David has a voice and talent that exudes energy, personality, emotion, and his love of music with every note he sings. This album has a wide variety of music, and David nails every bit of it.

He hits you between the eyes with the opener “You Are For Me”. You want to dance to the great rhythms of “All My Love For You” and “Someone Makes You Come”. “I Want Your Love With My Love” is so smooth and makes you feel good. You can just picture the stories of “I’m Think I’m Gonna Love My Dear” and “More Than One Night” as you listen, because David doesn’t just sing the notes, he reaches your soul and takes you through the experience.“A Man Who Gave You All” and “In My Life Without You” will make you feel reflective about your own life. If you are a fan of powerful, masculine, vocal tracks, delivered in in a “big” arrangement retro feel that is, at the same time, very much “today”, you’ll enjoy this album. First there is David Serero’s voice – with its amazing power, control, and feeling. Then there is his choice of original material. All adds up to a brilliant and moving adult-orientated music album.

His background in musical theater and shows is evident in his songs, which are an eclectic mix of Broadway, World Music, Jazz, and Adult Contemporary pop. You can almost feel the stage presence through the music, with Serero’s larger than life vocals at the helm. It all has kind of Tom Jones quality to it. Even reminiscent of big band styled Sinatra(with a slight French accent.) In fact, I could easily picture Serero being a resident performer and one of the popular hotel casinos in Vegas. Considering he has already performed in more than 800 concerts and venues around the world, it may have already happened.

The songs are romantic and all about love, but even the “unrequited” ones don’t come across as overly melancholy or depressing. My favorite track on the album is the title track, “All My Love is For You,” as it’s a little more epic and up tempo than some of the slower, more brooding songs.

Serero draws from a wealth of experience and manages to create an adult contemporary, pop rock album that shines. A dedicated performer, I have no doubt that his career will continue to grow.
"His style is something refreshing. You’ll love what he has to offer in music."
David Serero - Artist Spotlight "All the songs on the album have nice, toe-tapping beats."
This album, titled “All My Love Is For You”, is a solid ten tracks....performed and produced by this multi-talented artist. The album contains a mixture of pop music and jazzy instrumentals with the vocals of a Broadway show. David’s powerful voice burst though the speakers, delivering high levels of passion and emotion with every word. Each track is uniquely composed with instrumental elements of pop, jazz, r&b, and even opera. Together they come together to create some of the most epic sounding love songs I have ever heard. The overall production is nothing short of perfect. David preforms each track flawlessly, never losing the energy that is the heart and soul of his work and musical career. We recommend checking out his latest album “All My Love Is For You”


Keith Pro

The voice is a most powerful instrument.  Just like any other instrument, in addition to the years of training it takes to perfect, there must also be a god given talent.  When a singer chooses to truly take the plunge and devote himself to his vocal gift great things can happen.  A great example is our recent find David Serero.


Born in Paris, France in 1981, David Serero started his career in musicals and theater on the big stage of New York City.  It still wasn’t until 2002 that he found his true calling in the Opera.  His deep baritone voice took him all the way to Russia to study at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory.  As his talents grew David was lucky enough to perform all over the world on some of the biggest and most respected stages throughout France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, USA and Israel.  


Now David Serero has turned his talents to the adult contemporary arena with his January 2016 release All My Love Is For You.  The 10 track album was entirely written, performed, arranged and produced by Serero.  The opener “You Are For Me” starts it up with some real energy and the distinct baritone that he has developed over the years.  The energy continues in the Jazzy “Someone Makes You Come” where the bass fueled rhythm drags the listener along for an exciting ride.  A smoother and sultrier side is shown on “I Think I’m Gonna Love You My Dear”.  This is romantic music that is meant for laying on the floor in front of a fireplace with the one you love.  By the time you reach the closer “In My Life WIthout You” your juices will be flowing.  Some of the beats are a little commonplace for the adult contemporary sound but the stand out is definitely the voice.  If you love a good vocal performance take a listen at:

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